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The Magnet University is a concept of The SuperMagnetMan to help answer everyone's questions about magnets and help make your purchasing decisions more accurate and help you understand how to best solve problems with magnets.

It seems that there is a lot of information that a lot of people would like to know about magnets. I will be continuing to add more videos that help you to understand as many aspects of magnetism as I can. I spend and enormous amount of time on the phone helping engineers, scientists, inventors and just regular people with questions about magnets. This will hopefully allow many of you to get some really good information about magnets. If you have other questions you would like for me to study and present, just ask. If there is any way I can help, I will. Thanks.

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Awesome Pyramid Array in Halbach Arrangement - 1.6 Tesla


Extreme Paramagnetism Demonstration - Magnet Brakes its Own Fall

As we know, paramagnetism is what makes a magnet fall slowly in a copper or aluminum pipe and it makes a great demonstration of the Lenz effect. Well, this experiment shows how the same effect using a monster 5 inch dia x 1 inch thick N50 magnet can brake its own fall on a 1 inch thick slab of aluminum.

The Mizzell Effect - 2 North Poles Can Stick Together

A discovery I made about 6 or 7 years ago and I have been teaching to elementary school kids in my community for the past 5 or 6 years shows that large thin magnets have a distorted magnetic field that actually allows 2 north poles, or 2 south poles to actually stick together. This is really cool and really drives people crazy wondering why it works. I named it the Mizzell Effect. Gee whiz, there are hundreds of exotic magnetic effects and they are named after the first person to present them, so why not - The Mizzell Effect:)?

Fun With Magnets - The Magnet Toss Game

I know, it might seem like working with magnets is all work and no fun:), well I wanted to share a cool magnet game I created several years ago and it has been a huge hit with kids and adults at our church fall festivals.

Steel Balls Stick To The Ceiling - Using Induced Magnetism

Magnets induce magnetism in ferromagnetic materials. Watch how a large powerful magnet induces magnetism in 2 different items (a ceiling T-bar element and a large steel sphere) and makes the balls stick to the ceiling, as if by magnet :).

Teaching Magnets Using The SuperMagnetMan Teacher Board

I have been teaching my magnet classes to hundreds of students every year and several years ago I developed this board that really helps kids see the interaction of magnetic fields using iron powder. This has been seriously student tested on thousands of students and it works great and kids love it.

Amazing Magnet Powder - Check Out The Differences Between Neodymium Magnet Powder, Alnico Powder and Basic Iron Powder.

Just watch the video to see how much fun the SuperMagnetMan magnet powder can be:).

Amazing Magnet Crashes

Watch these 2 inch square x 1 inch thick N40 magnets slam into each other at incredible speeds creating violent crashes. This video serves 2 purposes - one is to educate the magnet novice on the sheer power of a large magnet crash and the other is to have a little fun at the expense of a few expendable items.

Magnet Braking System - Overview Video

This is the first video that explains how neodymium magnets can actually make a very good braking system for braking rotational energy. This would be a perfect braking system for cars but not likely since it would deprive automakers of their enormous profits from replaceable brake pads and discs. But it is fun to show that it can be done - easily.


Magnet Braking System - Video Of The Magnetic Brakes Working

As the overview video explains, this is the braking system that could be used in cars. Now you can see the working model.



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